DTAX OFFICE BUSINESS SERVICE CENTER+: The strength of our offer lies in our distinctive, needs-oriented combination of comprehensive domiciliation and office management and a complete spectrum of corporate consultancy services. A service combination that is highly important, particularly when entering or starting a new business in the German or European market.


When entering the German or European market, start-ups or small and medium-sized enterprises often find themselves confronted with unfamiliar business-management and taxation regulations.

In this environment, restricted tax liability, double-taxation agreements, withholding-tax deduction, international accounting and reporting systems, international social-security and pensions issues are just a few of the topics covered by the DTAX GROUP consultancy services.


If you are founding a business with its headquarters in Germany, our leading specialists will help by providing fiduciary services.

Auditors, legal practitioners, tax consultants and commercial advisors design and plan the proposed establishment of a company on the basis of German legal provisions.

They take over company management transitionally in the role of trustees. And they assist with managing and speeding up the foundation process, ensuring that, though often complex, it is on a secure legal footing.


At our offices in Berlin, Frankfurt, Saarbrücken and Stuttgart, we look after our clients in all matters regarding international commerce and business consultancy. Taking care of our clients' legal needs is a key element of the DTAX consultancy portfolio, particularly in the specialist areas of tax law, commercial and corporate law, economic legislation, right of residence and contract and employment law.


Businesses are constantly involved in change processes in such areas as digital transformation, new work practices, mobile working or home-office working.

These developments present growing challenges to businesses, in terms of both HR management and workforce planning.

To ease the burden and act as an external human resources department locally in Germany, DTAX OFFICE experts provide a consultancy service covering company-specific HR strategies and concepts:


E-balance sheet, online accounting, tax advice 2.0: digitised corporate processes require appropriate data concepts for financial planning, payroll accounting and tax planning.

With this spectrum of topics in mind, the DTAX OFFICE consultancy service has created "Business Online", an individually designed, company-specific online platform for digital invoice and document storage and for a complete digital financial and payroll-accounting system.