Your business start-up in Germany, rapid expansion, extra capacity requirements: there are lots of good and substantial reasons for establishing a tailor-made domicile with DTAX OFFICE. The right location, suitable premises with the necessary services.


Something that's often closely linked with start-up and domiciliation is the need for key advice services. Fiduciary services or specialist international tax advice, legal and financial advice and management consultation, personnel management or IT expertise: all the ingredients for success.



New to Germany, new to the area: particularly for expats, DTAX OFFICE offers comprehensive personal coaching in your new environment. Finding living accommodation, responsibilities towards government authorities, bank contacts, family support, household budgeting: the challenges and responsibilities are considerable and wide-ranging.


Business Service Center+


About us

As an international company in the DTAX TRUSTED ADVISORS GROUP, DTAX OFFICE is the service provider for office, business and consultancy. With branches in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Saarbrücken and Stuttgart, we work with experienced experts and teams as full-service providers service in the areas of domiciliation, enhanced business consultancy and personal support.


DTAX OFFICE: The services provided by our Business Service Center+ are tailored to the requirements and wishes of an international clientele. We focus on assisting small and medium-sized enterprises with entry to the German and European markets. Our second emphasis is on providing a complete service for start-up companies during their growth phase.


From then on, the emphasis is on a successful start. We invite you to use our quotation service to send us an enquiry stating your individual service needs. Or why not book a one-on-one consultation with the DTAX OFFICE team?



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