Perhaps you require active and reliable help with office tasks or organisation? DTAX OFFICE offers a wide range of services to handle the complexities of office routine. For example:


  • Paperwork and standard office tasks like faxing and photocopying

  • Preparing and binding documents

  • Planning, managing and coordinating mailshots

  • Online and offline research work

  • Data entry and management

  • Travel and hotel reservations, rental car booking, ticket reservation

  • Provision of modern office technology such as laser and colour printers, scanners, binding and cutting machines, photocopiers, office materials, etc.

  • Collecting and processing incoming and outgoing mail



Our OFFICE SERVICE gives you the flexibility to hand over the whole of your office work, or individual parts of it, just as you require. This allows you to spend more time on your business and focus more on your core activities.








  • Continuous availability of your office services. Weekdays from 8 am to

       5 pm, and at other times too, if required

  • Charged on the basis of actual use, calculated in accordance with internationally agreed standards