A professional telephone service is the best business card your enterprise can have, and for many activities and business structures it can be sufficient to be accessible by phone at all times.



Our DTAX OFFICE TELEPHONE SERVICE will take your calls in a thoroughly personal manner, using your name and company name. We will inform you by SMS or email that we have taken a call and will forward the notes of the call to you immediately.



In addition, we can make appointments for you over the phone, and can pass on price and product information.






  • Accessible by phone Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm

  • We will take calls using your company name

  • We can forward or put through special calls

  • No call is lost or left unanswered

  • Call logs are sent to you by email immediately

  • Hold-ups, e.g. as a result of holiday, illness or pregnancy, can be handled seamlessly.